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"I was extremely pleased with the level of professionalism, the depth of knowledge and experience…he has provided direction and input that has helped me modify my entire perspective and approach."

CEO, Medical Technology Company

"I've never had as much fun working out nor have I benefitted from my efforts so quickly."


"My wife gave me a great present for my birthday-time with a personal fitness trainer. Ten sessions with Jerry convinced me that even I can get into shape. After 30 years without regular exercise, I was hooked. Jerry's low key, but demanding style, coupled with his understanding of human physiology and biomechanics, have really allowed me to enjoy exercise for the first time. I feel healthier, and have a lot more stamina- at home and at work."

Physician and surgeon

"Jerry is everything you could ask for in a personal trainer- he gets the most out of you in a way that keeps you coming back for more. Jerry motivates me to set goals for myself and gets me to beat them, with a sense of humor and fun. I am seeing the results that I want and can recommend him warmly."

President and chief operating officer, A military and defense company

"Jerry is a true professional. His work with my son is absolutely incredible. He combines his knowledge of special needs and challenges, with patience, positive energy, enthusiasm and a great sense of humor. Most important, Jerry believes in my son's ability to progress and requests of him to work harder and harder. Jerry is a master trainer and a true friend." 

Mom of a son with autism


I worked with Jerry for about a year and a half before drafting to the IDF. Jerry took my best 2K run time from an out of shape 12 minutes to under 8 minutes. As well as sport specific training that prepared me for the sprinting on my gibbushim and the stretcher work that was to come in my maslul. More valuable than the physical preparation was the mental preparation that I received by being pushed to my limit every session with Jerry, and simply learning to dig deeper. That was the skill that allowed me to go through maslul Duvdevan and continue to be a commander and know how to push my soldiers to greatness. Elite Fitness Israel's specialized gym was the institution that after the army showed me how to safely and efficiently bring my fitness to the next level using time tested techniques of strength legends Matt Wenning and Louis Simmons.

IDF Commander

I have trained with Jerry for several years. I started out the weakest kid in school and he built me up mentally and physically. In the army I served in Gadsar Golani injury free. My weightlifting in University continued on a high level, more than I would ever have dreamed of. I think going to Elite Fitness Israel to train with Jerry and his programming will help anyone out if they want real no bull**** and diverse training. Lochem

Walking into "Elite Fitness Israel" you get that feeling that you're going to get a kick ass workout. With a variety of specialized machines and bars you are brought through a workout you can't get elsewhere. Jerry is a great personal trainer and writes up a personal workout every time I come in. Well worth it!

Commando Unit Lochem

I have been training with Jerry Hyman for a while now and I have made tremendous gains in strength and muscle tone. One of the best things about Jerry is that you will always train safely- no chance of getting injured or developing bad habits! Come and see for yourself why Jerry Hyman is the best!

Bayla Zinger, Efrat, Israel

Back pain? Neck Pain?

It's hard to believe that someone else can know your body better than you! Jerry does. Especially all the joints and connective tissue. I have never had anyone else so sensitively and yet most effectively help me put all the pieces back in the right places.

Thank you for relief and thank you especially for the maintenance.

A.R., Regional Director, NAALE

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