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About Elite Fitness Israel:

"Prepare for Life" with Elite Fitness Israel!

Whether you're a seasoned marathoner or a simple Joe (or Josephine!), reach your strength and fitness potential and face life's daily challenges with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. Let us help motivate you!

We bring an individualized approach to every aspect of our services. We create superior programs to benefit overall health and well- being. Natural outcomes include; Discipline. Drive. Ambition. Focus.

Elite Fitness Israel believes in a "Strength first" approach while strengthening weaknesses and gaining mobility before branching off into more specific, tactical or sophisticated programming. Each program is purpose built with safety, back health and proper learning at its forefront. We pride ourselves on "Education. Proper practice/application. Patience."

About Jerry:

Jerry earned his B.S. in Human Performance and Fitness at the University of Massachusetts, Boston with teacher certification in physical education, K-12, graduating, cum laude. He holds a permit to teach physical education from misrad hachinuch and to train all ages in a gym setting from the ministry of sport and culture. From 2007- 2017, Jerry was the Director of physical education at the Jerusalem American International School (JAIS), where he implemented personally developed programming for grades k-8 including age appropriate strength training, mobility/movement patterning routines with a proper practice approach and a problem solving mentality. Jerry started his strength training education over 40 years ago.

Jerry has spent over a decade of summers directing, designing and implementing swimming programs at summer camps, preparing teachers to teach and teaching privately. Jerry has also spent 30+ years practicing massage therapy while specializing in deep tissue body work, Swedish, shiatsu, sport injuries and pre and post event sport massage.

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